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About Rewa City Info

Rewa City Info

Rewa City Info is a local city directory of Rewa city which includes informations like Rewa City Guide, Telephone Directory, Government Departments, Tourist Places, Schools, Hospitals, Shops, Colleges, Couriers, ATMs, Banks, Theaters, Restaurants, Hotels, etc. We also enable Rewa local business owners to get an online presence free of cost & help them to grow their business. We are working around the clock to make it as the best local search engine of Rewa which can act as a local city directory helping everyone, by providing information of services to citizens, by promoting their products and services. Our mission is to provide a searching platform for both business and users at a common junction. We also aim to provide all the IT, Web, Advertising & Marketing Services at best affordable price in the market. Our vision is to cover all the local businesses in Rewa, to run a digital revolution in Rewa and make Rewa a Digital Smart City.



To promote and implement the concept of Digital India.

To publish all the possible latest information of Rewa city online at one place so that it can be easily accessible by the person in need.

To promote Rewa culture, diversity, natural habitats and tourism at international level with the help of Information Technology.

Our aim is to provide a user friendly online directory whose functionally is easy to register with options to advertise effectively.

To give proper coverage to hidden talents, resources, historical things, etc of Rewa which are still uncovered.

Accuracy is must in any work! To provide the accurate, authentic and latest contact information of all the Government Departments, Tourist Places, Schools, Hospitals, Shops, Colleges, Couriers, ATMs, Banks, Theaters, Restaurants, Hotels, etc.

Promoting all paid as well as non-paid listings and exceeding the information to the local people.


SWOT Analysis

Strength : It’s our two year hard work that contains meeting people from other cities who made a visit to Rewa. Also, we’ll be helping the people who are abandoned from the most suitable information about the proper business that is contained here. This very act makes us to bring up a superb local connectivity hub of Rewa localite as well as non-localites.

Weakness : Many people who are misled by other websites are not responding and many small business are unaware about the online publicity, use of local search engines.

Opportunity : Internet is a boon and it gives us platform to help people by providing information globally.

Threats : Didn’t come up till now.


Future Perspective

As visualized by us, our venture can bring a sea change in the accessibility of products and services available across Rewa. Our venture will also raise an awareness inside the common people about the growing economy of Rewa. Our future prospective is to commercialize the site and include features like online shopping, online marketing which will be based on E-commerce.

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