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About Rewa City

About Rewa City

Rewa (Pronounce it) is a city in the north-eastern part of Madhya Pradesh state in India. It is the administrative center of Rewa District and Rewa Division. It is the former capital of the princely state of Rewa and the former state of Vindhya Pradesh. The city lies about 420 kilometers (261 mi) northeast of the state capital Bhopal and 130 kilometers (81 mi) south of the city of Allahabad. Rewa derives its name from another name for the Narmada River. Rewa is connected to Allahabad via NH 27, Sidhi, Satna, Maihar and Varansi via NH-7. Rewa is much famous for its harmony, enormous limestone resources and famous in the whole world as Land of White Tigers.



Rewa has a humid subtropical climate, with cold, misty winters, a hot summer and a humid monsoon season. Summers start in late March and go on till mid-June, the average temperature being around 30°C (86°F), with the peak of summer in May, when the highs regularly exceed 40°C (104°F). The monsoon starts in late June and ends in late September. These months see about 34 inches (860 mm) of precipitation. The average temperature is around 25°C (77°F) and the humidity is quite high. Temperatures rise again up to late October when winter starts, which lasts up to early March. Winters in Rewa are cold and misty with average temperatures around 15°C (58°F) and little rain. The winter peaks in January when temperatures may drop close to freezing on some nights. The total annual rainfall is about 980 mm (39 inches).

Climate Data of Rewa



White Tiger RewaThe District derives its name from Rewa town, the District headquarters, which is another name for Narmada river. The District with present boundary came into existence in 1950 after the promulgation of the Provinces and states (Transfer of ENCLAVES) order 1950. Prior to August 1947 the District along with the Raghuraj nagar tahsil of the erstwhile Rewa state corresponded to the north Rewa District of that state. The territories now included in the District were held by the imperial Maurya dynasty which ruled in the 3rd century B.C. In the advent of the Kalchurls from the 9th to the end of 12th century. The Baghela king driven eastwards by Ulugh Khan, brother of the emperor Alauddin in the 13th century appeared in this Baghela kings till the abdication of the Crown by the last successor of the dynasty, Martand Singh. After the country became independent, the Rewa ruler accede to the Union of India. The present Rewa District came into existence in 1950. The first white tiger was founded in Rewa. Before independence in India it was honorable to hurt tiger. Once Rewa King went for hunting, he saw a very odd tiger of white color, who was named as Mohan. Later Mohan was sent to others to continue his breed and today all white tiger are Mohan’s heir. This is what Rewa is much more famous in the entire world. Government Authorities have now planned to make a “White Tiger Safari” in the memory of Mohan (White Tiger) in Mukundpur which is currently under construction.



As of 2011, Rewa had a population of about 2,363,744. out of which 1,224,918 are males and 1,138,826 are females. Rewa has an average literacy rate of 73.42, male literacy is 83.67%, and female literacy is 62.49%. In Rewa, 14.41% of the population is under 6 years old.



Rewa is home to many Schools, Colleges and one University which includes APS University, SIT College & Group of Institutions, Govt. T.R.S.College and Rewa Engineering College (Previously called Government Engineering College). It is also home to two Government Hospitals which are Sanjay Gandhi Hospital and Mahatma Gandhi Hospital as well one Government Medical College named Shyam Shah Medical College. Also crowned with Agricultural College and Veterinary College. Apart from that Kendriya Vidyalaya School (Central School), Sainik School and Navodaya Schools also add to its rich education stream.



Rewa is connected to Satna through the 50 km Satna-Rewa branch line. Satna falls on the Howrah-Allahabad-Mumbai line. Nearby highways include NH 7, NH 27, and NH 75. The nearest airports are at Khajuraho, Allahabad, Jabalpur and Varanasi. Rewa has an air strip at Churhata, approximately 7 km from the city center off NH 7. It is connected through Air Connect (small size aircraft) from Bhopal.

Train no. Train Name From To Arrives Departs
11451 Intercity Express Jabalpur Rewa 21:40 ends
11452 Intercity Express Rewa Jabalpur starts 06:00
12185 Rewanchal Express Habibganj Rewa 08:00 ends
12186 Rewanchal Express Rewa Habibganj starts 20:05
12427 Rewa Delhi Anand Vihar TRM SF Express Rewa Anand Vihar TRM starts 16:00
12428 Delhi Anand Vihar TRM Rewa SF Express Anand Vihar TRM Rewa 11:00 ends
11703 Rewa Indore Express Rewa Indore Jn Bg starts 05:00
11704 Indore Rewa Express Indore Jn Bg Rewa 22:30 ends
51701 Jabalpur Rewa Passenger Jabalpur Rewa 13:10 ends
51702 Rewa Jabalpur Passenger Rewa Jabalpur starts 13:45
51753 Rewa – Chirmiri Fast Passenger Rewa Chirimiri starts 18:00
51754 Chirmiri Rewa Fast Passenger Chirimiri Rewa 04:40 ends
58229 Bilaspur – Rewa Fast Passenger Bilaspur Jn Rewa 06:40 ends
58230 Rewa – Bilaspur Fast Passenger Rewa Bilaspur Jn starts 21:00

Rewa City Map

Bus Stand

In City of Rewa there are two Bus Stand 1. Rewanchal Bus Stand (Old Bus Stand) 2. Valabh bhai Inter State Bus Stand (New Bus Stand)


Political Representatives

Name Designation City/Town
Shree Janardan Mishra Member of Parliament Rewa
Smt. Neelam Mishra M.L.A Semariya
Divya Raj Singh M.L.A Sirmour
Shri Sukhendra Singh “Banna” M.L.A Mauganj
Smt. Sheela Tyagi M.L.A Mangawan
Shri Rajendra Shukla State Minister Energy,Public Relation & Mineral Resources, Rewa
Shri Sundar Lal Tiwari M.L.A. Gurh
Shri Abhay Mishra President, Jila Panchayat Rewa
Smt. Mamta Gupta Mayor, Nagar Nigam Rewa
Shri Ripudaman Singh President, Nagar Nigam Rewa
Shri Rahul G. Gautam Vice-President, Jila Panchayat Rewa


Famous Personalities

  • Tansen started his musical career from here before moving to Akbar’s court.

  • Birbal (Born as Mahesh Das from Sihawal, Sidhi) originated from here before moving to Akbar’s court.

  • Allauddin Khan, sitar player, was based in Maihar.

  • Rajendra Shukla who is serving as the Mining & Energy Minister of

    Government of M.P.

  • Ram Kishore Shukla who belongs to Shahdol District of Rewa division is a Former Speaker, Dy Speaker & Cabinet Minister Government of M.P.

  • Sriniwas Tiwari was the Ex Speaker and Ex Minister of Government of M.P.

  • Achyutanand Mishra is serving as the Former Member of Legislative Assembly.

  • Arjun Singh who belongs to Sidhi District of Rewa division served as Ex Chief Minister of MP, Ex Union HRD Minister & Ex Governor of Punjab.

  • Ishwar Pandey who is an Indian Cricketer.


Places to Visit

Points of interest in the city include Rewa Fort and Museum, Shilpi Plaza, Venkat Bhawan, Shiva Temple, and Rani Talab Temple. Very soon the city is going to have its first shopping mall, also a tiger safari is being built up in the Mukundpur village. The surrounding area is home to the Bansagar Dam, many Waterfalls, and a giant statue of Shiva called “Bhairon Baba”. Travelers are voting Baghela Museum and Bansagar Dam as the best of tourist attractions in Rewa. There are many tourist attractions in Maihar a city just 38 km from Rewa and another tourist attraction is in Chitrakoot which is 52 km distance apart. There are many waterfalls in Rewa District to name a few Keoti Jal Prapat, Chechai Jal Prapat, Bahuti Jal Prapat, Purba Jal Prapat and Belauhi Jal Prapat. Rani Talab, Chirahula Mandir, Ramsagar Mandir, Maha Mritunjay Mandir, Sai Mandir are famous and known Temples. By the next independence day, Rewa will also have the largest Solar Electricity Plant in the world which is being built up in Gurh Region.



There are many major industries which includes Cement (Jaypee Cements), Cable (Vindhya Telelinks), Power Generation Plants (Jaypee Power and Bansagar Project), Pharmaceuticals, Paper and Plastic Industries. Jaypee Groups has two cement plants in Rewa (1) Jaypee Rewa Cement Plant (JRCL) with an initial capacity of 1 million tonnes which was established in 1980 (2) Jaypee Bela Cement Plant (JBCP) in 1996 with an initial capacity of 1.9 million tonnes. In power generation category, Bansagar Hydroelectricity Project adds clean 435 MW of electricity to the national grid and its reservoir is irrigating major part of the agriculture land in Rewa. India’s Largest Solar Power Plant has been also planned to be set-up with a capacity of 700MW.

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